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Standard toe bridges

$40 US a set for standard, sliding, or leather bridges
Choose from any jenpro or robocop color
Leather bridge colors: White, black, royal, red


Sliding toe bridges


Toe Bridges


sliding toes

- All toe bridges come standard with skate lace
- Nylon braided lace is available upon request
- Stainless steel T-nuts, screws, and washers are included

Extra round sliders are available for $1 each

78" Unwaxed skate laces - $3 per set
Red, Royal, Navy, White, Black

toe bridges
User photo of standard toe bridges installed
leather bridgesleather bridges
Leather toe bridges
custom bridges
Full custom toe bridges - your own design!

Full Custom Toe Bridges

Email us with your pictures and designs for a quote!

toe ties
Velcro style bridges for easy on and off


Toe caps

$45 US a set for toecaps alone or
$50 US per set with stainless hardware

Choose from any jenpro or robocop color


Toe Caps

- Jenpro or Robocop faces with nylon backs
- Hard plastic inside with a curve to fit the toe of the skate
- Adjustable jenpro strap with velco on it to attaches to the boot strap on the face of the pad
- Custom sizes and setups available (may have an additional fee)
- Stainless steel hardware is $5 extra
- Standard hole spacing is 3" from center to center

The toe cap shown here has the optional hardware and leather toe bridges underneath them for open toe pads. (The leather bridges and hardware are extra)

Bungee cord toe ties

- Works on any skate style
- The bungee cord is knotted on each side. It travels though the toe bridge in the front of the pad and back to the other side.
- You can adjust them to fit at the perfect tension for you, simply set at the desired length, knot the end, and trim off any excess

- Available in any jenpro color
- Shock cord color - check availability (I try to match colors when I can!)
- The bungee cord goes through the front of your existing toe bridges

$20 plus shipping per set

toe bungees
toe bungees


toe ties

toe ties

Elastic V style toe ties

Works best on skates with larger holes in the cowlings for them to fit through

- Comes in any jenpro, robocop, and lace color
- The elastic is available in black or white
- Hardware is black
- Comes with lace to install them with

$20 plus shipping per set

toe ties
Customer photo of the toe ties installed



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