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Q. I live overseas, can I have equipment shipped to me?
A. Yes you can. Email me with your address at for a quote. I ship USPS for international orders unless otherwise specified.

Q. Which side is hook and which is loop on my velcro?
Hook is the hard plastic side and loop is the soft fuzzy side.

Q. How long does it take you to make my equipment?
A. When you place your order you will be quoted a wait time according to the current workload. This time is the production time and does not include the shipping time which can vary. Althought we try out best to stay on time, be aware that production does occasionally take longer then the quoted waiting time. If that is going to happen I will email or call you to let you know.

Q. How protective is your equipment?
A. All of the equipment is pro level and utilizes plastizote foams and HDPE for superior durability and protection. The different density foams are layered for durability, maximum protection, and light weight. Intermediate and junior equipment use the same foams and plastics, there is no short changing on materials no matter what size the gear is! Our accessories are all built above the industry standard for protection and durabiliy. You will get many years of use from your PAW equipment!

Q. Do you accept custom jobs not advertised in your product listings?
A. Yes! Prices will vary depending upon the intricacy of the project and materials used. Please be as specific as possible when describing what you would like. Reference pictures and drawings with dimensions are perfect (no matter how rough!) Some examples of popular custom items are knee cradles, knee and calf wings, chest plates and padding for chest and arm units, and elastic straps. Quotes are free.

Q. Why should I choose your equipment?
A. I use the most durable materials sourced from as many local and North American suppliers as possible. You get to talk one on one with the person who designs, sews, and assembles your equipment. I can also accomodate most special requests, and your equipment is built custom to fit you.

Q. I received my product and have not used it yet but there is a problem. What do I do?
A. I want you to be happy with the products and services, if you have any questions or concerns please email me and I will help find a solution. Please remember that custom products are not returnable unless there is a manufacturing defect.

Q. Do you offer youth or junior sizes?
A. Only certain products such as kneepads and Jills have a stock intermediate or junior size available at this time. Knee stacks, knee blocks, and thighboards can be made to any size.

Q. Can you add my name and/or number to my equipment?
A. Yes, player names and numbers are available for an upcharge.

Q. Can I have the logos omitted from my equipment?
A. On certain items yes, but there will be an extra charge. Items like the minipads, gloves, blockers, and full size pads must always have logos.

Q. Can you make a set of pads with a copyrighted/licensed character on them?
A. No, I will not use a character of someone else's for your own pads. I do not own the license rights to them. I can however, make a unique character for you (for an additional charge) or match a team logo or mascot if we have permission from the logo/mascot creator. I encourage you to be creative with your custom artwork and ideas!




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