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A video review of the PKP1000 kneepads is now available to view and comment about on youtube

The PNG1500 is also reviewed on his channel - VOGoalie

Jay,  Canada

Everything showed up the other day and they are absolutely perfect! Thank you very much!
I will be spreading the word about you up here around northern BC! Thanks again

Rich C,  PA


Hi Sara, Finally got back on the ice and did my first two skates with my new PAW "vintage" gear and accessories!      
Custom neck guard: Functions well and fits easily through the smaller top of my old C/A.  Very comfy and covers what it should. Retired my Cxx brand immediately. 
Paw Knee pads: I was skeptical at first because I had only worn old school minimal protection knee pads. By my second skate I could no longer feel the PAW pads. Stayed in place under my leg pads and a big upgrade in protection...where were these my whole goalie life? What a great piece of gear! 
VTL1000 Catcher: Old school look and design with some modern materials upgrades. This glove plays similar to an old Vaughn, maybe a T-2000?. The custom cutout on the rear cuff does exactly as I hoped, gives me great mobility (snap) with my glove hand. I have taken a couple of heavy shots and protection has been great. Still breaking it in but so far I'm very happy.
VTL1000 Blocker: Cooper GM12 meets 2021. 5 min into my first skate this blocker disappeared on my hand like I had been wearing it for 10 years. Been a goalie for 40+ years and this is my favorite "Stick glove" I've ever worn. Your custom cutout on the cuff allows good movement to deflect shots to the corners. Styling and comfort are top notch!!!
V1000 Leg Pad Prototype?: Sara I know these were not easy to make but you have made this old goalie happy. Full disclosure they are heavy, about the same weight as my old leather D&R's albeit the PAWs are taller and wider. I expected a "stuffed pad" with five leather straps and metal buckles to be on the heavy side. I'm still breaking them in after two skates but they play just like an old school pad, no stiff boxy feel. Great flex and the soft stuffed face kills rebounds like deer hair. Protection wise they have been great even at the knee rolls. The huge upgrade I notice compared to my sets of old pads is two fold: one they don't absorb water or sweat like the old leather pads and two they are sooooo much easier on my joints and back than my more modern pads. The multiple layers of foams truly cushion the impact as I go up and down. I noticed the difference to my back, hips, and knees immediately. I was ecstatic about the body impact protection they are offering. I believe you have extended my goalie expiration date with these. Thanks Sara, I really appreciate the effort, time, and personal attention you put into this set!!

Bonus: You probably hear this alot about your gear but I have had several comments on the whole setup already. Before I even got on the ice (zamboni) I had two non goalies from the other team tell me how cool the setup looked out of the blue. After the game, the other goalie (guessing early thirties) skated over and called my set "blanking sick". He loved the look of the set. 
Hey look good play good right? :)

I'll get you an "action pic" at some point this year from one of the clowns on my team.   


Kevin C,  PA

Sara, I can’t thank you enough! These knee pads are the best thing since sliced bread.
My knees would ache and throb for days after I played.
I wore Vaughan knee pads and my goalie pads are Brians with big kneestack.
Your custom made knee pads  fit like a glove and feel so good, like I’m young again.
I don’t hurt, I’m not soar. It’s like I have springs on and I just love them. Thank you so much, you are awesome.

Joe B, NJ

Sara, I got the straps today and just wanted to let you know that they are PERFECT! Exactly the specs I wanted, you knocked it out of the park once again. 
Thank you once again for making another perfect mod for me, as always it is greatly appreciated.

Dan C, NV

Good morning,
     Just wanted to thank you for my new pads. They fit perfectly and were comfortable enough from the first game but have gotten even more so as they settle in. No movement issues or interference with the new leg pads along with a safer feel.  I have been sharing my experience with all my friends here from the moment of purchase. Hopefully it will bring you more work as I could not recommend these highly enough. What a great product !

Neta R, CA

My experience with Sara was ideal from start to finish. She made sure my measurments were correct and all the specs were to my liking before beginning. Her estimated completion time was right on schedule (despite holiday rush!) and she was prompt in answering questions and emails.  Highly recommend!

Patrick M, GA

Hi Sara! Just wanted to thank you again and let you know I received the boot lifts today. I installed them on my pads no problem. They work perfectly!!!.... I am glad I went with the 1” as opposed to .5”. I’m so excited to test this on the ice. Saves me from having to buy a new set that I love. Have a good rest of your week.

Peter L, Canada

Hi Sara, Knee stacks are great!!!! Thx for the excellent service and product

Clayton T, SC

Good Afternoon Ms. Marschand,

Having had the opportunity to put the knee pads and neck guard through games and practices, I must say that I continue to be extremely satisfied with your construction. For the neck guard, I have yet to have any bruising or issues from slapshots to the collar. The throat rise has stopped a couple pucks that had rode up my chesty. The knee pads took a few tries to figure out how I best like to wear them. I wear them over my base layer and under my socks, which prevents my pants from catching on the top of the pads during scrambles. I have had no issues with slippage, fit, or wear on the material. Once again, thank you for the quality product.

Very Respectfully, Clayton T


Good Morning Ms. Marschand,

The neck guard and knee pads arrived and I had the opportunity to get on the ice with them yesterday evening. Initial impressions have been great. While the neck guard is a bit bulkier than the Bauer I’d been using, by the end of practice I had forgotten I was even wearing one. I am certainly much more confident in my safety thanks to the protective collar. The knee pads will take some time to adjust to but I had no issues with fit or slipping. To that end, do you have any recommendations on the wear these knee pads? Under sock, over socks, baselayers, etc?
Overall, I am very satisfied with my new gear. Solid construction and no IPs that I could spot. Thank you for the excellent service, ma’am. I will certainly have PAW on the list for new gear in the future.

Very Respectfully, Clayton T

Talib, UK

Hi Sara, I received my glove today and she is sooooo pretty! I can't believe how much smaller she is compared to my old 90's glove. Guess that's just how the sport has moved on. The glove fits like a dream. You have done an amazing job, but you already know that. I will be trying that bad girl out tomorrow  night, so I can't wait! when I get some photos of it in use I can send you some if you want as part of a testimonial if you'd like? it's up to you! 
Once again thank you so much, it has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish working with you. I am going to promote you/PAW so hard for ever :D

thanks again, you are a LEGEND! 

Bruce T, IL

Received the mini pads on Friday (thanks for the lightning fast delivery) and they were absolutely awesome!  They were perfect and my boss is really going to get a kick out of them.  Thanks again for the great communication and even better product. 
Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Lee A.

Got it in. Looks/feels awesome! Between the inside, backhand part and fixes on the high wear areas, you did 2-3 times more than I thought. Thank you, again!

Tom VB, AZ

thank you! i appreciate all the great work that you do. i still love my knee guards and both sets of custom knee blocks you made for me! 

John S.

I finally got a chance to play goalie after a couple of weeks and I have to say your products are spectacular! Fit and feel were excellent! I will try to recommend your work to everyone I know.
Thanks again and have a great year!

Alex B, IL

Hey sorry for the late response. Just wanted let you know i received the knee pads and have used them twice. Took a bit to get used to at first but once they started to break in they are the best knee pad i have used and very comfortable. Exactly what i was looking for. Will definitely recommend you in the future to any goalies i know looking into custom equipment and accessories.

Todd K  NJ

We received the knee pads this evening and my daughter immediately wore them to tonight’s practice.

Her feedback: YES…!

Knee pads did not slide down off knee like the commercial Bauer Reactors did, your product stayed in place
More comfortable
Able to perform leg pushes faster and with more confidence.
Thank you.

G Leckie Canada

Hi Sara,
Wanted to reach out to say thank you for the amazing quality and care that you put into the knee protectors!
Have taken a few shots and I have complete coverage and didn't feel a thing.
The gel really makes a difference as well in terms of comfort during and after the game.
Let me know if you want me to post a review anywhere and keep up the amazing work! Cheers

J Bedow, WI

Thanks for the great service and product.  I look forward to trying them on ice as soon as possible! 
It gave me the lift I was looking for when I tried them on the carpet.

Glen C, Canada

Hi Sara, just wanted to let you we are back to playing hockey and have been wearing the knee pads for 3 games now. OMG they are amazing!!! I can't thank you enough for these I bought a new pair of pads and the Paw Knee Pads work amazing with them. They are so comfortable you don't even notice you have them on. Thanks

Noah A, MI

Arrived today. Picture don't do it justice.  Looks amazing. Fit is much better right off the bat. Again, thanks for your quality work.

Lisa G  PA

Hi Sara, I just wanted to let you know that my son absolutely loves the knee pads.  He said they are truly superior to anything he has ever had - they stay in place, are very supportive and provide excellent protection. Thank you for making such an excellent product!

Jonathan T, CA

Thank you Sara I received the knee pads last night and I immediately tried them on. The fit is amazing, “fits like a glove” I did some dryland butterfly drops and what ever movements that I can go with my lower gear on carpet. I just about forget that they are on. And the colors look amazing. My wife loves the quote that I put on them, she said it works for me because my team doesn’t have that great of a defense line so I see a lot of shots and have to make a lot of saves. I am glad that I saw that video by VOgoalie on youtube and it got me to order these. Thank you again for a great product that I can’t wait to try out on ICE when the rink in my town opens back up. I will be sure to get you some action photos of them for you when I am back on ice. I hope all is well with you and that you and your family are remaining safe. Thank you

Graham L.

Hi Sara, Better late than never (also better to have used them to write about them!).Posted on Google Reviews - feel free to syndicate on your site or elsewhere!Over the winter season, I took a puck off of the kneecap (stock thigh guards on Vaughn V5 7800 left a very small gap) which took me out of action for a few weeks and I then started the search for a better solution.

I ended up finding a good amount of threads on various goalie forms recommending the PAW PKP 1000 Knee Pads and after some additional research and comparison of what was also out there on the market I made the decision to reach out to Sara for a solution.

After a very quick response from Sara and some back and forth on the options I ended up placing an order for the PKP 1000's adding the viscoelastic gel and an additional velcro tab to attach to my pants if they did end up slipping.

Yes, there is a wait to have them made but I knew that going into the process as they are a custom product! Sara's estimate was bang-on and they arrived about a week earlier than initially anticipated (tracked service with the number provided when she completed them).

As for the product itself:
Fit - absolutely perfect! They felt a little bulky at first since I have never used a stand alone knee pad, but I managed to get used to them after two sessions and now feel completely natural.

Slippage - absolutely none. It may have something to do with the 'classic' style socks I wear, but the nash liner is super-grippy and they hold in place without needing the extra tab to the pants or needing to tighten them enough to cut off circulation!

Protection - I have taken multiple shots both direct on the face and on the sides and I did not feel a thing! After taking the direct shot previously I was hesitant the first couple of times back on the ice, but these have helped me to overcome that and I no longer worry about shots to the knees or thighs. 

Comfort - I would highly recommend adding the viscoelastic gel to these. It does cause a slight increase in the weight, but it is negligible and the added 'landing' comfort is well worth it!

Quality - comparable or better to my Vaughn 'pro custom' equipment. Both craftsmanship and materials are top notch and after approximately 40 sessions so far there are no signs of wear and tear. 

Overall - if you are in the market for a quality product, I would highly recommend reaching out to Sara to find a custom solution for you that will last for years to come!

Scott T, AZ

Your work is amazing!! Best my knees have felt since I started playing net!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Tim M, AZ

Hello Sara, The boot risers were a life saver!  Awesome quality!  I will be contacting you soon for a new neck guard.  Thanks again!

Travis P, Cali

Hi Sara, I received the pads and used them in a game and wanted to let you know I love them! Thank you so much for all the great service. Have a great weekend. 

Dave S, PA

Hi Sara, Got them yesterday and played last night with them. They were exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!

Josh M, Cali

Hey Sara, I just wanted to let you know I love the knee pads! I've spent thousands of dollars on equipment and these knee pads are by far my best investment in gear I've made

Marc H, Canada

Thanks Sara! Everything arrived and it is exactly what I needed! Have a great weekend

Chris F, FL

Got the knee pads today and they look great. Thanks for the great customer service and easy ordering.

Ron F, Canada

Hi Sara,
The boot risers are installed and they look great - even better than I had hoped!
The color mstches perfectly and they integrate so well with the pads. It almost looks like a factory option. 
I've attached some pics for you.  Thanks again for your great products!
Best regards, 

Dave D, Canada

Just received then amazing quality thank you!
 for leg pad padding K straps

Eric H, Canada

The kneepads came a few days ago in the mail and I am very impressed with the protection and mobility. This is perfect for both on and off ice training. 
Thank you for an amazing piece of gear,

Eric J  NJ

Sara, Just wanted to say the knee pads are sensational!! Thanks!!

Chris M  NY

Thanks, your craftsmanship is incredible.....they are perfectly measured and even the stitching is spot on, well done!!!!

Chris Nasralla AZ

Hi Sara, I received my custom throat guard that you made me and I am very impressed!
The quality and protection is incredible and I am very pleased with the entire process and it was more than worth the wait.Thank you so much and I will definitely come back to you again in the future when I am ready for more gear! Best Regards

Amy K, ID

Dear Sara, I just wanted to let you know that I received the knee pads on Saturday and played my first game with them last night. 
I am pleased to report that they are by far the best knee pads I have ever worn. They have great mobility with very little weight, and do not get hung up on the bottoms of my pants or tops of my pads. Amazing product, and worth the wait and every penny. Thank you! 
I hope you have a great holiday season,

Troy O, MI

Neck guards arrived today. They look fantastic. Both of us will be putting them to the test tonight. Thank you very much for your hard work and solid craftsmanship! 
Have a great week,

Jason LP,  OH

Got them on the ice last night, what a difference!
I was able to get deeper in my stance, closed up my 5 hole and the installation was a breeze. I dont know why it feels better than the next size up that I tried out. I really appreciate the help and quick turn around!

Aaron W.

Hey, i just wanted to let you know the calf wedges work amazingly.They take so much stress off my knees, ankles and hips, i get to walkoff the ice after every game with no pain, and still have a little butof energy to spare. in conjunction with my new knee stacks, they workperfectly when it comes to closing up the 5 hole, and also helps keepsmy pads flat on the ice when sliding around. i cant thank you enoughfor all your help and the incredible job you did on them.thank you so much again.

David L, Canada

Hi Sarah, Just a quick note to say the inserts arrived today and fit perfectly. Greatly appreciated. Will pass your contact on to other goalies I know. Thanks Again

Reilly H.

Thanks for your help and the great work you do that keeps me coming back.

Dimitri, Russia

Hi Sara, the parcel has come, the quality is excellent. exactly what is needed and how I imagined it. Thanks for the great work!


Josh R, MN

Hi Sara,
I want to say thank you so very much. I Played for the first time in the pads last night and let's just say WOW!! They are perfect. My team was skeptical about wearing new pads in a game but there was absolutely no problem and they moved great. I will get you some pics on ice as soon as I can.
Thank you

Jordan C OR
I wear a Hasek style mask and I needed something with a little extra neck protection. Sara was great and helped me work through several questions to help me find the best fit for my style. 

I ended up doing a PNG1500 with a double wall neck guard. My fill was the HDairgel as I wanted something mid weight with added protection and Neoprene material around the neck. Sara also let me substitute a non elastic velcro strip and a full wrap neck for a small fee. 

I’ve worn it a couple games now and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I no longer worry about a puck sneaking under my chin and the add clavicle protection is fantastic. The piece of equipment itself is beautifully crafted as well. I would recommend this to any goaltender.

Ryan L CA
Sara, The knee blocks arrived and they fit the pads perfectly!
I may throw them on tonight during an open stick time to try them out- if not, I’m excited to wear them during a pickup skate this weekend.
Can’t wait to see how they feel- they turned out really nicely. 
My compliments to your craftsmanship- or rather, crafts-woman-ship!!
I’ve recommended your company to all my colleagues and will definitely be a repeat customer!

Nick R CA
Tried them out last night and am extremely happy with the results.
Happy holidays to you as well!
Just got the neck guards back-looks great!  Appreciate the quick turnaround as well. 

Thomas T NY
A perfect fit! Can’t wait to test them out tonight!
Thank you once again for your excellent work and fine attention to detail Sara!!
I’ll be ordering from you again in the future!

Willy L  VA
Just got my knee pads! These are AWESOME!! Thank you!
Please save my sizes/ specs because I am going to order another pair with gel in January after the holidays.
Thank you!

Lon B  AK

The knee pads are built like tanks lol. They're better than I thought they would be.  Just wanted to say thanks and you have been great to work with.
They are big step up from what I worn before.  My previous knee  pads were the itech with the plastic knee cap.  They were bulky and just not that great.  Just wearing out of the box they feel basically broken in and comfortably fitting then anything thing I've worn before.  I've worn some bauer knee pads that looked somewhat like yours, except not even close in protection or comfort.  Even with adding the extra hd airgel they don't seem/feel bulky.  They match up well with my brown excel 2100 leg pads.  Also since I'm pretty old school with my leg pad setup, they have no landing gear/knee cradle with a open area how Martin Broduer used to have on some Reebok pads. .

David L,  Liverpool UK

Thank you sara, all arrived today and laced into my pads nicely, will let you know how they go after training tomorrow.
Sticker already has pride of place on the fridge of win.

Laura S, NY

Hi Sara,
Happy New Year!
Just wanted to let you know my son loves his Paw knee pads!
Thank you

Austin C, NH

Hi Sara, Just wanted to leave you that review of the knee pads I promised!

As you know I was hesitant because I had never worn knee protection before, but with just the first skate in my new PAW knee pads I knew they were exactly what I was looking for! The quality and build is better than any "big name" brand and the absence of hard plastics in them makes the pads very comfortable and prevents any slipping. I don't even have to tape them or use a garter belt, they integrate perfectly with my equipment. I'm on the ice six days a week so break in was very fast with the knee pads, no issues there. 

I love the pads, and while the protection they offer is superb, their comfort is what was more important to me and my favorite thing about them; like butterflying on "little cushions"

Thank you very much, and you've made a lifelong customer out of me!

Jason A, NJ

Perfect!!!!! I know they are just straps, but I love your workmanship!

Kyle T, IL

Just got my knee pads, and wow! They're so well made and fit great. I can't wait to take them on the ice Friday night! Thanks again
I used the new knee pads last night, and boy are they great! They stayed in place for the whole 2 hrs, and didn't move an inch. Money well spent. Now if only you could find away to make my defense stay in the right place and protect me, you'd really have something! Thanks again, Kyle

Tommy G MA

Hi Sara,
I just wanted to let you know, that the belly pad is working out great. Thank you again

David S, CA

Hi Sara,
I just received the cup and Sweat band in the mail today and as usual, they are both fantastic! Thanks again for everything and for having such phenomenal customer service and quality products.
Thanks again

Alicia M, MA

Hi Sara,
The knee stacks arrived yesterday and I was so excited I installed them right away. They are a perfect fit and look like they came right from the Vaughn factory. Incredible work! I won't have a chance to get them on the ice for a week, but I cannot wait to try them out.
Thank you so much for your patience in talking through the design with me, and thank you for the amazing quality of craftsmanship.
Wishing you the happiest of holidays

Marcus M, MA

The knee pads are awesome. Miles better than what I was using. Thanks again!

Chad H, MA

Wore the knee stacks for first time last night. I was adventurous and wore both on each pad. Even though it took me the entire warmup pre-game to get used to the bulk ones, wow did they work well!

I know they prevented at least one goal that I swore went by me, but didn't due to stacks helping me flush my pads to the ice just a half second quicker than without them. 

The best part? My hips, knees, calf muscles and ankles say thank you. I didn't feel any stress on them through out the game and my legs didn't get nearly as tired as normal.

Thank you for such a great product!

Shawn K on Facebook

So I finally tried my PAW knee pads with the added gel last night and they were great. I wore them over my spandex, with no movement at all. Landing on the knee was far more comfortable than they were with the bauer supremes. They look bulky, but once they are on I had no problems with them getting caught up in my pads. I also like the fact that they take far less to lime to put on and adjust compared lot the Bauers (I'm always in a hurry to get dressed since I cut the ice before I play)

John A on Facebook

Thank you to Sara at PAWS! Excellent service and product. Think I'm going to remove the knee cradle for more room as I wear knee pads.

Joe L, Canada

Sara: I've been remiss in not complementing you on the outstanding job on my shoulder floaters and elbow protectors. As they say life intrudes but I had to complement you.
 You do such outstandingly excellent work and I'm happy to support you. 
The NHL teams should be flocking to your door to do custom work for their goalies, it is that excellent.
 Thanks again for the equipment.

ScJeff C, Canada

Some great goalie equipment, best customer service around! Saras amazing to deal with! *misses my PAW pads*

Jennifer V

Sara's work is fantastic! I first ordered a set of knee pads from her and I'm still using them after four seasons. They are still looking and playing like new. Recently I had a full set of pads and gloves made up and after playing half a season in them, I am continuing to be impressed by the quality of the gear and how well they work on the ice. And a huge shout out is in order for the customer service! Sara has been great at responding to messages and making my convoluted descriptions of what I want into amazing goalie gear! I'll be wearing her gear proudly for many years!

Chris B

Sara's work is incredible and she is very helpful.

Matthew B

Pictures on the internet DO NOT do Sara's knee pads justice. These babies are made from krypton! Absolutely the best crafts(wo)man's ship I've ever seen on any piece of goalie equipment I've purchased in my life.

Zach Z, Canada

I just wanted to let you know I received my package yesterday and I am
extremely happy with the service and overall product I received from you!

I will be sure to use you in the future and recommend your services to all
my goalie buddies!

Brian D, IL

The pads are working out great!  Beckham is in love with them, and has been playing very well.  He is much more confident and his team thinks they look awesome.
 One of the refs came up to him during the game and told him they were the coolest pads he has ever seen.
 Here are some action shots for you.
P1000 in actionP1000 in actionP1000 in action

Here are some action shots of Beckham in action with your AWESOME PAW pads and modified gloves. Feel free to use any of these with your website or marketing. Needless to say his gear is the talk of the club, and he is playing better than ever!

P1000 in actionP1000 in actionP1000 in action
P1000 in actionP1000 in actionP1000 in action

Gord G, Ontario Canada

I got my knee pads on the 23rd of December.
They are excellent. My trainer said he shot a puck off one of them & I didn’t even know it. Now I feel safe
Thank you


Sebastien P, Canada
I received the knee pads 3 weeks ago and I played games with them.
One word: Awesome!!!
Thanks again and keep up your good work!

Chris Y, MI

Hello Sara,
I wanted to get a good review of your product and I think I am at the point where I can tell you these knee pads are by far the best I have ever used. 
I have been thru a set of Reebok’s, D & B’s, Coopers and even some homemade stuff from volleyball elbow pads in my 26+ years of playing goalie and these rock. 
I do not even notice I have them on when I am out on the ice.  I just wanted to thank you for providing us old beer leaguers a way to stay out there. 
You make a quality product with way above average service on a custom made piece at a comparable price. 
That is unheard of today and I just wanted to commend you for it.
Thanks again

Robert S, AZ

 I just wanted you to know I received the leg straps and the fit and look great thank you for your help

Jim B, Canada

Sara, I've had a chance to play in my new knee pads twice now and I must say they truly are perfect!  I can't believe how many different pairs I've been through and yet never tried yours.  Your straight forward design is what makes these great!  No bulk.  No extra moving parts to get caught up.  They truly are the best knee pad I've ever had....thank you so much!!
I don't like them, I love them!!!  Game changers for me

Kirsten P, TN

I received my knee blocks and boot risers today. The craftsmanship blew me away. Thank you so much. Fabulous work. You will be highly recommended to my peers!
Thanks Again!!

Scott B

I used the knee pads last night for the first time durring a game.
They were by far the best knee pads I have tried on. In the past I
have tried the bulky bauer and reebok knee pads and never wore them
for more than a few minutes due to the bulk, but these were
comfortable and fit perfectly within my knee locks.
Thanks so much for the great knee pads.

Brandon R, MI

Dear Sara,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Sara makes some of the best hockey goalie equipment out there. Her affordable gear is spot on for fitment, style, and construction. I would highly recommend anyone that plays goalie or has a son/daughter in between the pipes to check out her custom equipment and accessories, including her infamous knee pads. Thanks Sara for making my game better and saving my knees & thighs!"
Service Category: Custom Goalie Equipment
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Guillaume D

Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I received the knee pads.  I got to use them last night in a practice and I must say they are totally perfect.  Not too bulky and perfect protection and comfort.  Top notch product.

Steve M, WA

Sara, I cannot thank you enough for creating these boot risers! They work perfectly. Thank you so much

Paul B

Thank you very much for the knee pads, I got them in yesterday. You completely nailed the sizing on the garter belt!  Can't wait to try them out today. Thank you again and I will definitely order from you again in the future.

GFS, Canada

Thanks for everything. You do great work at fantastic prices. I would attempt this myself however with your business it's not worth it... your work is too good. KEEP IT UP! :)

ARNY B. Canada

Hi Sara. We got Jonee's Knee pads
on Friday. He wore them on Saturday.
I asked him how they felt. "Great" he
said. Were they comfy? "Yup"
Did they slip down like your
Reeboks? "Nope"
Did they jam on your goal
Pants? "Nope"
Room in the knee cradle? "Yup"
Any issues? "Dad!!, They're
Awesome!! OK.
There you have it. Thanks for making
Jonee great knee pads.

Eliot G, CA

Hi Sara,
I just wanted to say that I received the knee pads awhile ago and they fit great. Today they stood up to fat wrister and I didn't feel a thing, so you've got one more happy customer.

Thanks again for your work

Phil D

Sara, I have gotten the knee pads and love them. They are so comfortable
and protective. I can move well in them and feel completely safe.
What a fantastic product.
Thanks for the hard work and great design!

Adam D, CA

Hi Sara, Got the knee pads last night. The fit is excellent! Thank you so much for the very quick work on these. Even got them back in time to play in my weekly pick-up tonight.
Thanks again and take care.

Kyle, IL

Hi Sara, Just wanted to let you know I just installed the pro palm kit in the palm, on the back over the fingers, and relaced most of the glove. It feels like a new glove! I was on the fence about buying a new glove, but now I don't think I'll be needing one for a while. Thanks for yet another great product! I also showed my local hockey shop the Padskinz and how I installed them on my pads. They seemed pretty interested, and I told them to get it through you.

Rob H

That Vaughn blocker you fixed up for me last year has been an absolute gem.  :)

Jake T, Alberta, Canada
Hi Sara, I can't remember if I ever e-mailed you after I received the knee pads but I have used them a lot this season and they are great. Thanks

J. Davidson, Ottawa

My daughter is still wearing her PAW jill 3 years and counting!

Johann J, CA

The boot risers have arrived and been tested. The product is amazing! Thank you so much!


I got the knee pads today!  They look awesome and feel even better.  I went from my thigh board to some Bauer knee pads that didn't protect much.  WOW!  very comfy and I feel confident I'm not gonna get hurt wearing these.  Added bonus, they improved my butterfly! 
Thanks again.

Erin D, Canada

kneepads in usekneepads in use
These wonderful pictures of the kneepads in use were provided by Erin D


Hi Sara,
Just got my kneepads today and even used them as well. I love them! I'm so impressed with the quality and feel. Thank you so much, and I know that these will last me a long time.

Jake W, UK

in gear
Jake took this picture of himself in his new PAW gear!

Great to deal with. Had my gear all custom made. Used for over a year now and still looks new.


I used the new kneepads a couple of time now. They are fantastic! I have taken at least two shots off them now moving back across the ice. I heard them but never felt them! Great piece of kit and vey comfortable.


Hi Sara,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the excellent knee pads.  They are perfect and the only kneepads which in my experience stay in place without having to be tied in place.  At first I was a bit concerned as they were a bit tight, but after breaking them in for 2 sessions on the ice, they fit like a glove. I would recommend your kneepads to any goalie.
Many thanks !


Hi Sara,
I received everything and had the chance to use them for a couple of games.
Tonight during a scramble, I took a hard wrist shot off the knee and all I can say is THANK YOU!
I was totally protected. Just a little thud and no pain, no bruising.
Everything is amazing, super awesome and they feel great.
Just wanted to write and thank you for making such an excellent product!


Hey Sara.  I got these last week.  They look and feel really sweet!!!!!!
Thanks for making them for me. They felt and performed great on the ice. Thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon R MI

Sara! Wanted to update you... the mask strapping turned out AMAZING!!! I used it this past weekend, it was PERFECT! I also installed the thinner black HD foam you sent and it worked perfect. Thanks again, I truly appreciate your expertise, service, and awesome work!

Kevin S, NJ

Thanks Sara. I've been playing for years and have a lot of goalie friends. We're an eccentric bunch. I'll be sure to let them know about your products and customization. We're always looking to do things with our gear.
I received the toe bridges and they work great. Thanks again. I'll be sure to spread the word with my goalie friends

Ken B, NY (multiple reviews)

Got everything today and everything is perfect. I now see what everybody likes about the knee pads. I had my son hit me on the knee with a stick and yes, I felt the impact, but no pain or damage. You seem to have found the right compromise, excellent protection without extreme bulk.

The slash pads were 100% as I envisioned them. They fit perfectly and tomorrow my buddy will sew the wrist strap extension on.
Sara, Got them yesterday, put them in this morning and they are 100% perfect. Fit like they were there from day one.
They fit perfectly and with the straps through the block, they weren't as sloppy on my knee. Won the game!

Continue to love the knee pads. Slapper from the slot off my knee. The forecast called for pain (Robert Cray Band), but there was none.
I know now why everybody loves the knee pads. I've been drilled off the knee a couple times and felt the impact, but nothing else.
They fit my pads so much better than the Reebok Pro knee guards I swore by.

Simply Amazing.....
Thanks again !
"Thanks for the picture.  The knee lock is, of course, perfect.  Although I'm getting used to your excellent work, it amazes me each time.

It is a pleasure to work with you.  You take my rambling descriptions of what I would like and make them happen.   It's more amazing given that you do it all after the product is assembled."


Took a look at the pictures.
My jaw dropped. Literally. You are a magician.

Sara, I filed away the pictures of the knee blocks you just finished in a directory with all the other work you've done for me. When you see it all right there in front of your eyes - you've made a lot of stuff for me. All of it fantastic!

Thank you !

Just a few of the many items I have custom made for Ken


Hi Sara,
Thank you so much! That was fast... They came with today's mail, and I just installed them -- absolutely perfect. 
Thank you! You rock.

Maxime T, Canada

I received the kneepads yesterday and i played with them this morning and they are fabulous, thank you so so much, merci beaucoup. You did an amazing job 

Cam G, WA

Hi Sara,
I just wanted to let you know that I've been wearing your knee pads for three months now and they feel fantastic!
They fit perfectly on my knees and with my pads on. There's no interference with pad rotation or bulkiness when playing. I've taken a few shots off the knee since wearing them and felt no pain at all. I feel way more confident with your knee pads over the stock protection that came with my pads. Thanks

Greg and Jack J, Canada

Sara, Wanted to give you an update.

We got the kneepads, AMAZING quality  & construction! Compared to other “custom made” and “off the shelf” ” goalie kneepads we’d tried, these are many-many steps above all of those in quality of materials and construction.

We started using them immediately…with the garter, under socks.  They were bigger looking then I had expected, and I was worried they’d be too bulky for him to move around in…..

After the first practice with them, I asked him how the new kneepads were, and he looked at me in shock, he’d forgotten he even had kneepads on, and exclaimed ‘these are the best kneepads ever” (we had tried a few others while waiting for yours, and none of it was any good for him)  . 

For a few weeks after that he’d comment to me here and there how much better his knees  felt when going down (the junior ice hockey leg pads don’t provide much in the way of kneestack cushioning, so the added cushion you’ve built in makes a big difference).  He also plays ball hockey goalie and is just dropping into butterfly on concrete, with a very minimal kneestack on those pads.  He also likes very much how they strap “below” his knee so he doesn’t have a strap right behind his knee, cutting in,  when going down……

Then it came….last night, with his stick out of position, in a very wide/open butterfly he took a coach’s close slapshot right dead off the knee… a heartbeat, his eyes went wide inside his mask as he realized what just happened, and he was waiting for the agony….I saw it all, and was thinking “oh boy, this is gonna be bad”…. then he kinda gave his head a shake, popped back up and continued on with practice like the shot had just gone off his blocker or leg pads…..I asked him later, and he said he could feel it hit, knew that it hit his knee, but that it hurt more getting hit with a tennis ball playing street hockey, then that shot did….


I can’t express enough, how appreciative and relieved I am, to know for sure, that my little guy is not only incredibly comfortable, but also amazingly protected in your product.  It will be years before he faces shots like that from players his own age, and if I hadn’t seen the shot and impact myself, I wouldn’t have believed the potential severity of it….so again, thank you…you have lifetime customers

Greg (and especially Jack J)

Bob G, IL

Dear PAW: Cannot thank you enough for your kneepads. I have used pairs from
the big-name manufacturers that offered flawed protection, fell apart after
just a few uses, and proved tremendously uncomfortable. By comparison, your
kneepads are in their own league. Smartly designed, wonderfully made,
painless to use. They also don't slip down my leg. I will recommend them to
any goalie.

Sean L, CA

Hi Sara,

Just wanted to follow up on my first game since receiving the knee pads.  It's been not even 30 minutes since I finished my game, where I faced 38 shots in roller hockey.  First thing first, wow, my knees are not killing me like they usually are.  Especially my one "needing repair" knee.  For sure felt the difference in my old ones to these.  I did end up removing my knee cradle this weekend prior to any games in these, and glad I did, save having to relearn what works best strap-wise.  

I also wanted to include a fun picture.  This is my 4 year old son who wants to wear all of his daddy's stuff, so these not being stinky or even played in yet, got the call.  So your knee pads can also be sold as "mite leg pads" :)

Thanks again for a great product, and I can't wait to put a lot more games in them.  I've already showed two other goalies at that rink what they are, and I'll be sure to share elsewhere as well.

Take care


David M, Canada

Hi Sara,
Just wanted to send you an update on the knee pads I ordered in January. They're AMAZING! Let me give you some back story here.

I spent hours combing the net to try and find a pair that would provide me solid protection, comfort and mobility at a reasonable price but every pair I read about seemed to have pros and cons based on the person reviewing them. Until I started reading about PAW on The Goalie Store Bulletin Board, I couldn't find anything negative about them. I actually started wondering if the reviews were real or if they were all written by friends of your company, I went as far as to research negative reviews, still nothing. This prompted me to purchase a pair of PKP1000s.

I've used them about 10 times so far and have no regrets about the purchase. The first time I wore them was a bit of a change, coming from stock thigh boards, but adapting was seamless. By the second skate I had changed some of the strapping and completely forgot I was wearing them after the warmup.

They provide lots of comfort when transitioning into the b-fly and LOTS of protection as a I have taken a clapper and a decent snap shot off of them...Nothing! I wear the knee pads under my Wal-Mart brand Under Armour style pants against the skin and they do not move AT ALL throughout the game, no slippage whatsoever. They fit perfectly into my CCM Extreme Flex pads and don't hinder rotation at all. Even more so, my total price came to $130 (that's after a $10 upgrade to eva foam, shipping and duty) which is VERY fair considering knee pads off the shelf can be in that range.

Furthermore, they look extremely well made with high quality materials.
Thanks so much for making such an incredible product and for the amazing customer you offered throughout the process.
Kudos to the great work

Lacey K, MI

Sara, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I LOVE my knee pads! I have never had this type of protection with this much comfort. I will defiantly be telling all the goalies I know! Thank you

Will R, VA

First, thank you again for working with me and turning the kneepads and the glove rebuild around.

Second, WOW!! Everything is even better than you alluded to. The glove is amazing. Even though I knew it was going to be a little stiff and take a few to break in, it literally took like 5 minutes of working the glove over to feel like it did before I shipped it off to you. All the fixes/adjustments--- wonderful! Amazing job. The knee pads, I was a little worried I got in a little over my head with these things- they looked huge, especially since I have never worn any before. That feeling lasted all of about 3-1/2 seconds. I put them on, put them under my compression-type pants threw all my other gear on and never looked back. I had forgotten I even had then on that first game, except for when I took one off the bottom of my quad/top of my knee… and I remembered they were there because I wasn’t cringing in pain! WOW, WOW, WOW… Thank you so much for such a wonderful product and such masterful repairs. My only “regret”… well, there are two: 1) that I didn’t do this sooner  2)that I don’t have stuff to give any goalie I come across with your information so they can give you a shout!

Simply amazing. Thank you, Enjoy your weekend


Brett I, WA

Got them today the are perfect I think they will help my sore knees they fit my g-netik pads great 


Ryan D, NV
Thank you! Just got into and gosh they look and feel FANTASTIC.  Can't wait to use them. They feel so big it's perfect.  Just what I needed.  

Muchas gracias!


Thank you for quickly getting the boot lifts out to Connor. They did the trick and he is now as mobile in the new pads as he was in his smaller/old pads. 


Russ, MI

I received the pad yesterday and installed it on my glove today. It feels great and will work perfectly for my glove that came with no wristpad.
Thanks again for another great product.
Have a great day!

Brian, Canada

Hi Sara, everything arrived a couple weeks ago and have all been installed. 
Great work and thanks for a very smooth and easy transaction!!
Keep up the good work!! I'll be back for sure!

Nick Canada

I received the knee pads last Monday.  When I first got them, I wasn't to sure about them.  Size wise, there were what I expected, but once I tried them on, they seemed very bulky.  I didn't think they were going to work with the pads I have.
I have had a chance to use them three times now.  Each time with a different set of pads.  The first time I used them, I thought they were ok, a little uncomfortable, but wasn't willing to give up my thigh wraps for them.  The second time out, I didn't notice them as much and thought I could go either way, your knee pads or stick with the thigh wraps I already had.  But after the third time out with them, I can say I really like them.  I have packed the thigh wraps away and will be using your knee pads from here on.  I think they make me a little more mobile and find they are less restrictive than the thigh wraps.  I think my pads rotate better.  The last time out, I was able to stretch to make saves I am not sure I would have made with thigh wraps on.

The only down side is that I may need to order two more pairs in different colours too match my other pads.
Thanks again

Kat D, CA

Sara, I wore the kneepads today and I love them. They fit perfect and really helped my knee out as far as support too. They never moved and I just have to get used to the feel of having them on and a little pad adjustment. Thank you so much. Glad I listened to my old coach Mike Sherman and contacted you. 

Sarah, Wanted to send a big thanks for the Jill and neck guard. The jill's colors came out awesome. The neck guard and jill just took a game or two to adjust everything just right. I am loving them. Thanks

Sara, The glove is PERFECT! and I love the blocker. Now I have great 7 hole protection. The catcher is amazing and I can close it already. The funny thing is I have not had the break in so long it took me a bit to get used to it, but I will finally have a fappy, closing glove :)

Plus I never told you about how protective your neck guard is. I don't wear a dangler (and I know it is for cut protection really) but without the good protection of that neck guard I would have had a bad bruise and probably hurt worse as the puck went off the guard. I have my other glove and blocker up for sale and have a pad so that I can start measuring :) 

P1000 pads and gloves

Louis ME

Hello Sara,
I would just like to thank you for the best knee pads I ever used.
Well made, very comfortable.
Merry christmas and a happy new year.

Jacob K, Australia

P2000 pads
P2000 pads

P2000 padsP2000 pads

Photos of his P2000 pads in action!

Stephen W, CA

Hey Sara, just wanted to say thanks. Got them sewn in, skated a couple times, all good. Thanks !
- a happy customer

Vinnie E

Sara, I put your toe straps on my new pads, and have used them about 5 times now.
They are so easy to use. I like the fact the buckle is under the pad when they are strapped to the skates. And having the flexibility is also something that I prefer. It helps keep the toe of the pads flared out for slightly wider coverage on the ice.
You have a very good product there, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to try them out
Thank you

David S, CA

Hi Sara, We received the knee pads yesterday and we both love them! Thanks again for a wonderful experience! We greatly appreciate it! Thanks again

Jay K

Hi Sara,
I purchased knee pads off you a couple months back, I wanted to let you know they are fantastic. I wanted to play the rest of my winter league before a review of any sorts....All I can say is awesome. They are definitely more protective than anything else I tried, no worries of those odd saves and help to give confidence. Once i had a few games I moved my old knee / thigh protectors off as I didn't even want to put them on. I looked at a  few and glad I made the decision to go with these. The price is slightly more than others.....but well worth it and recommended to others all the time (get what you pay for).
Thank you again, if I need anything else I will definitely check to see if you have what I am looking for.

Warren H - Toronto / Vermont

Hi Sara
In June you made me a pair of knee pads with the gel option. I played all summer and now at least twice a week. These pads have made a dramatic difference to my knees. Prior to using this type both knees would ache and often swell after a game but now I am almost pain free. I felt the weight for a brief period at the beginning but now I can detect no difference between these and my older PAWs. I am convinced that your pads are one of the principal reasons I am still playing - can't recommend them enough. Thanks

Just a quick note to tell you that the visco-elastic knee pads you made for me continue to provide excellent comfort and protection - in fact after playing with almost constant knee pain last season I am now almost pain free - the only change has been your knee pads.

Bryan R

Got my stuff and had my first use on the ice today. The garter belt was a perfect fit and held my knee pads in place perfectly. The boot risers are awesome too. Dropped into butterfly and landed on knee stacks perfectly everytime. I'll be putting in an order for a goalie jock here in the next few weeks. I had read many fine reviews of your work prior to ordering and you definitely are every bit as good as the reviews say.
Thank you so much

Robb F

Hi Sara - they arrived and I've got them installed. Thanks so much - super quick and great quality!

  Mike VA

Got them on the ice last night for a game for the first time.

Very very happy.  It’ll take a little getting used to playing with knee guards again, but thrilled with how they performed and protected.  Infinitely better than the knees I played with before I switched to the Vaughn lace-ins.  And way better than the Vaughns. Thanks again!

Tyler O Canada

Hello Sara,

Knee pads received and have been put into action! Thank you very much. You have made some subtle yet very beneficial changes compared to my old set bought in….2006? 2007? Either way, they are still in great shape and being used!

Thank you again!


Sara- Thank you so much, I can't tell you how happy I am with your kneepads. Perfect fit and function. Love the quality and feel. Keep up the great work!
Happy Holidays!

Frances D,  PA

Sara, got the pads today... Freaking awesome!!! Definitely will be keeping you and your work in the front of my brain for the next time! Once again a big THANK YOU

Tom VB

Thank you very much for the custom knee blocks you made for me they have helped improve my game and have cut down on my knee pain. I would now like to add to them by purchasing a pair of senior PKP knee pads

Tommy F


Gloves repaired to like new condition
Kevin W


Glove repaired to like new condition

Tim H, OH
Hi Sara. Just wanted to give you a quick review of the pads that I thought you could use. Out of the packaging - looked and felt a little bulky. Stiff, to be expected. Wore them around the house for a few minutes, not near as cumbersome as they look. Got my first game in with them. At first was worried about extra bulk in the landing gear, so I took out one layer of foam in the knee wings. Initially it felt a little tall, but after five minutes of wearing them, they were noticeably there but did not interfere in any way. Great protection! The wrap around the inside of the knee really helps take the impact from shots that squeak through the five hole and on tips. I wore them under my hockey socks, but could probably get by with wearing them over them as well. Adds an extra step to getting dressed, but much better than having a shattered knee cap or shredded tendon or ligament in the knee. Thanks again!

Tyler H, MI

Hello Sara I received the guards today. They're amazing. Same coverage as my old ones but more comfortable. 
Thank you so much you do amazing work. I've already suggested these to about five different people who were in my situation. 

Thomas M

Thanks Sara!! They got here last Friday and I got to use them that night. Felt great.

Ed M

Just wanted to let you know, the garter is great ive skated about 10 times with it and its doing it's job perfectly. Thank you sara will defiantly recommend you to others

Ben H, FL

You have nailed my vision. I couldn't be happier. I've already gotten plenty of comments and inquiries on the blocker....with these pads, it'll be even more...
You need to make sure to send several cards with them. I play at two different facilities locally and I'll make sure that they have your cards on the board at both places.

John A, CT

HI Sara, I just want to thank you for the great service. My order arrived today, super fast. Thanks Again

Pat M Canada

Hi Sara,
I just got them just now. I'm super stoked and I can't wait to try them on tonight. I have a game tonight, so I will have a (proper) review this weekend.
 I feel confident that they will perform as expected and beyond. They are lighter than my Bauer torture devices, so I think they will hold up better even without tying them to my pants. But I will anyway just in case J
Anyway, again, thank you!!

Joe L Canada

Just want to wish you and the family all the very, merriest Merry Christmas.
I laced the knee stacks that you made for me for my McKenney 890 pads and tried them out last night at shinny at the local rink.
OMG, my knees and hips thank-you - your knee stacks are so well made and will last a very, very long time. So much support and protection. A definite superior upgrade to the standard knee stacks that came with the McKenney pads. 
I am pleased to support you and am honoured to be able to wear your equipment.
Take care

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