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Do you need a piece of jenpro or foam for your own modifications and repairs? PAW can help you! Contact us for current pricing on materials as prices may vary depending upon availability. Here is just part of what we carry:

Fabrics sold by the square foot
Jenpro Black, White, Red, Royal, Navy, Sport Gold, Silver, Orange, Baby Blue $10 per Sq Ft
Robocop Black, White, Red, Royal, Navy, Silver, Stainless $10 per Sq Ft
Nash Grey, Ivory, Tan $10 per Sq Ft
Suregrip Grey $10 per Sq Ft
420 Nylon Black, White, Red, Royal, Navy

$1 per sq ft

Leather (7-8 oz)

Black, White, Navy, Red, Royal $20 per sq ft
Cordura Black, White, Red, Royal, Navy, Orange, Green, Sport Gold, Silver, Yellow, and Purple

$3 per sq ft

Foams sold by the square foot (varies in color)
Viscoelastic Gel 1/4" $75 per sq ft
HD 80 1/4", 3/8", and 9/16" $13, $15, and $17 per sq ft
HD115 3/8" $35 per sq ft
LD45 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 1"

$8, $10, $10, $10, and $13.50 per sq ft

LD 24 1/4", 1/2" $7.50 and $10 per sq ft
EVA Foam 1/4", 1/2" $15 and $20 per sq ft
Cushion foam 1/2", 1" $8 per sq ft, $12 per sq ft
Volara 1/8", 1/4" $3, $4.50 per sq ft
HD30 1" $35 per sq ft
Hardware, Elastics, Plastic, etc.
Tri glides 1" For webbing and elastic, with or without teeth - Black $0.75 each
Slick Clips 1" Black $0.75 each
Loops 1" for webbing - Black $0.50 each
Side Release Buckle 1" Black - has both the male and female ends $2.00 each
Slider 1" Used on catch glove wrist straps to tighen/loosen the nylon $0.75 each
Glove Lace Black, White, Royal, Sport Gold, Light Green, Navy, Orange, Red, Two Tone Brown, Dark Green, Canary Yellow, Flat Grey, Metallic Gold $1 per yard
Skate Lace (bulk) Black, White, Red, Royal, Sport Gold, Green, Navy, Orange, Baby Blue, Purple, Silver, Maroon (No tips) $1.50 per yard
Skate Laces (72") Black, White, Red, Navy, Royal (these have plastic tips) $5 per set
Poly Webbing
1" Black, White, Red, Silver, Sport Gold, Orange, Dark grey, Royal, Navy, Brown $1 per yard

Heavy mask elastic

1" Cream or Black - Used on backplates $6 per yard
Pant Suspender Button Silver colored. Attach these buttons using a hammer or mallet $1 each
1” Elastic
Black or White $5 per yard
1.5" Elastic Black or White $6 per yard
2” Elastic
Black or White $7 per yard

1” Hook or loop

Black or White $1.25 per yard
2” Hook or loop Black or White $1.50 per yard
Nylon straps Black, White, Red, Royal, Navy, Brown, Sport Gold, Orange, Silver, Dark Grey $7.50 each for most
Leather straps Black, White -34" Boot, or 20", 22", 24" mushroom split straps $15 each (Discounts for 8+)


Thin or Thick $12 and $16 per sq ft
cordViscoelastic Gel   skate lace colors

Some materials may need to be cut down for shipping

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