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boot lifts

Standard length 6" boot lifts:

$30 US a pair for 1/2" or 1" thick
$40 US a pair for 1.5" thick

plus shipping


Shorter length 4 " boot lifts

$30 US a pair for 1/2" or 1" thick
$40 US a pair for 1.5" thick

plus shipping

white lifts
Boot risers of any size make recoveries easier. Thicker risers make shorter pads taller.

boot lifts

Boot Risers

Often imitated but never duplicated, the original PAW bootlifts!

Cordura outer for durability
LD45 medium firm foam maintains it's shape over time and does not compress
Eyelets along each side allows for lacing in the stays on pads with a concave boot channel
Lace is included to install them with

To choose the correct size, you can tape a piece of firm foam in different sizes to the bottom of your pads to try it out first. Do this both standing and in the butterfly position

Choose from these three sizes:
1/2" thick
1" thick
1.5" thick

The 1/2" and 1" risers are approximately 3.5" wide x 7" long
(foam portion measures approximately 2" x 6")

The 1.5" risers run wider, around 4 " (foam portion measures approximately 2.5 " wide)


Boot lifts are also available in a shorter 4" version if you prefer to have the toe area of your pads open more.

installed lifts
Installed boot lifts with an optional jenpro face (additional charges apply)orange lifts



Warrior style boot lifts

To be used in model G2 and up pads

Warrior boot lifts

$45 US a pair for 1" thick
$55 US a pair for 1.5" thick

plus shipping
For Senior and Junior


- These boot lifts fit only into Warrior pads with the bump on the boot channel
- They are tapered to fit and use a firm foam to hold their shape

Available in two sizes: 1" and 1.5"
The 1" lift will fill in only in front of the bump and even out the channel. It will lift only the toe of the skates up
The 1.5" lift fills in the toe and sits over the bump so it will provide an additional 1/2" of extra lift

Please specify the color, size, and Warrior style when ordering!
- Choose from any jenpro and cordura color

Warrior boot lifts

Installation instructions


What does this product do?
Boot lifts do three things:

- They help fill in the boot channel if you find it too deep and restricting your butterfly rotation

- Help with recoveries by lifting your pads further up off the ice

- Elevate your knees in the pads

By lifting your pads up higher off the ice you do not contact the ice as soon when going down into the butterfly and they also make it easier to get back up without the pad touching the ice.

Raising the pads up also helps keep the wear down on the toe of the pad since there is not as much contact with the ice.

If your pads are just a bit too small, you can use these to lift them up to fit better and add extra thighrise.


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