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These services are offered on a first come first served basis.
Time slots are limited in quantity and work is only done when all other orders have been filled.
Please allow me ample time to complete your project and have a backup set handy to use in the mean time!
Wait times will vary depending on the complexity of work needing done.

ALL serices on this page MUST have authorization, please email us before sending your equipment in.
Please remember to put your contact information in the box when sending your gear in! Not doing so may result in delays!


Blocker repalming
Ranges from $65 - $85 plus shipping
Depending on how many parts need replaced
---Includes minor repairs!---

Gel Palm
Add a gel propalm to a catcher
Around $85 plus shipping
--- The gel palm is carefully machine stitched onto the back of the
original palm in a manner that doesn't inhibit the closure like traditional methods
--- The gel covers the entire palm
--- Takes the sting out of shots!


New T for a catch glove installed

Around $125 plus shipping

--- Use the original glove T to make a new larger or different style of T (single or double)
--- A whole new T will be made from all new materials (It will NOT be a patch of new material sewn on the end of your old one)
--- You can make your glove open up very wide or make the pocket very deep!
--- Choose from skate lace or glove lace (or even a mix of both!)

T replacementT replacementT replacement


fingertip repairs

Repair of inside or outside panel on fingertips

Ranges from $45 - $65 plus shipping depending on amount of wear and type of glove

--- New jenpro, new lace, binding replaced, new eyelets added as needed
--- Patches are made to blend in as much as possible

Repair and modification examples

Below are links to examples of some past work.

PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3 | PAGE 4 | PAGE 5 | PAGE 6 | PAGE 7 | PAGE 8 | PAGE 9

We can not, however, provide an exact example of what your gear will look and price since there are many brands and models out there and each item is made differently, but these photos will give you a good idea of the craftsmanship that goes into the repairs and modifications.

Care is taken with each item to make it look good again!

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